1. 'The Spirit Cried' (Mark 9.26): sounds of the dead, damned, and demonic in the landscape of eighteenth-century Wales

  2. Noisome Spirits: an audition of apparitions

  3. 'In Our Day': or, what we did when we were undergraduates

  4. 'The Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye': transformative listening to the biblical image [London]

  5. 'The Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye': transformative listening to the biblical image [Chichester]

  6. Recalling and Forgetting the Past: a sonic transformation of sermons using digital and analogue technology and the deficits of dementia

  7. Advent Light

  8. Archive to Archive: recollecting and collecting memories

  9. The Sounds of Sinai: a sonic intervention in the book of Exodus

  10. One-to-One-to-Many: sharing the fruit of individual instruction with the learning community using social media

  11. The Nativity in Art

  12. ”The Noise of His Voice” (Job 37.2): re-articulations of the Evan Roberts wax cylinder

  13. Quiet Bell: seeing silence in Millet's The Angelus

  14. The Retrieval of Revival: recollecting and revising the Evan Roberts wax cylinder

  15. Capturing Ghosts: modernity, technology, and the paranormal

  16. An Art of Predestination: textual-visual-aural approaches to imaging the Bible

  17. Evan Roberts: a waxwork revival

  18. An Anti-Icon: a protestant art now

  19. An ABC of Situating Chapels: architectural, biblical, and cultural perspectives

  20. Works From The Pictorial Bible Series

  21. Visual Blasphemy: defamations and definitions

  22. The End of Vision: the purpose and limits of religious representation

  23. 'The Vision ... as the Words of a Book' (Isa. 29.11): the Bible as contemporary art

  24. Illumination and Transparency: seeing through the Bible in Wales

  25. Christ and the Ikon

  26. The Agony in the Garden: the visions of Evan Roberts and the 1904-5 welsh revival

  27. ‘The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come': Dickens and spirit photography

  28. The Photographic Medium: reinventing the ghost in the visual culture of psychic photography

  29. A Welsh Landscape: industrial landscape painting in South Wales

  30. Nonconformity and the Art of the Word

  31. An Interview with John Harvey

  32. Art/Sound: practice, theory, and history 1800-2010 (module)

  33. Abstraction: practice, theory and history, 1913 to the present (module)

  34. Visual Culture of Religion I: chapels in Wales 1696-1918 (module)

  35. British Landscape: nineteenth and twentieth centuries (module)


John Harvey Aberystwyth, UK

I’m a practitioner and historian of sound art and visual art, and Professor of Art at the School of Art, Aberystwyth University, UK. My research field is the sonic and visual culture of religion. I explore the sonic articulations of the Christian religion by engaging visual, textual, and audible sources, theological and cultural ideas, and systemic and audiovisualogical processes. ... more

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